Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Preparation Starts

For what you may ask? Every superintendent's favorite time of the year of course; aeration. We start aerating the ninth of this month (you won't be affected until the 10th), but we start our pre-fertilization program now. The idea is to get the grass growing right now so as soon as we get the holes in the green, they will already be in recovery mode. The extra growth makes them slower obviously, but who wants to look at holes filled with sand!?

We have also aerated the collars around the greens. With our new strategy of blowing the sand into the holes vs. dragging the sand we end up with a lot of sand on the edges of the greens. With the holes in the collar, the extra sand now has a home to go to.

If you want to see what they will be like two weeks later, come check out the practice greens. They have responded wonderfully and they are rolling well.