Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This past week we put out new accessories throughout the golf course.  They include trash cans, water coolers and ball washers.  They are made of recycled plastic as the old ones and the older accessories lasted 17 years  As you can see by the garbage laying next to the can, they work the same as the old ones!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Western Bluebird Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what a Western bluebird likes to eat?  As seen in the picture, June bugs are one of their preferred choices.  The picture below was taken by Lee Pauser and it brought a large smile to my face.  June bugs lay their eggs near the end of May/ early June and they age into grubs.  The grubs then munch on roots making the turf weaker and the turf eventually gets  torn up by hungry crow, skunks, or racoons.

We have over 100 Western bluebird boxes on the course and it would be great to see them all like this!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Deep Tine Aeration

This week we are performing a deep aeration which utilizes tines that are 5/16" diameter by 10" long. The eventual hole is 8" deep and they are spaced in a 4"x2" pattern. This aeration will allow for better flushing of accumulated sodium and will also assist in breaking up a small pan layer that we have.  A pan layer is a layer that has formed just below typical aeration depth which is approximately 3-4" below the surface.   The pan layer can accumulate sodium and bicarbonates and prevents a good flushing.

You can use this cultivation experience as practice for the mental side of your game. While you will see holes, there is virtually no disturbance of ball roll as they are cut and rolled following.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Addition by Subtraction

Over the past week and a half the maintenance team at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club rebuilt the bunkers on 4 lake green complex.  As the project came to completion, I was reminded that these were the first bunkers I rebuilt, or first project for that matter, at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club nearly 10 years ago.  The process has certainly evolved from how we did it ten years ago and the results will show better draining bunkers and healthier bunker edges. 

As to the title of this post, the bunker complex as it stood three weeks ago was one of my favorites on the course, but it was one of the most difficult as well.  It had a 30 yd bunker shot from the first bunker and an 8ft out from the second bunker.  We removed the first bunker and in its place we left a shallow grass hollow.  We also raised the floor of the second bunker  18” making your out much less intimidating, but still challenging. 

The bunker complex can still be enjoyed aesthetically while now being much more player “friendly”.      

Friday, February 6, 2015

Early season bird action

Our birder Lee Pauser was at Cinnabar yesterday doing a preseason check and things were very positive.  For the past few weeks I have noticed a lot of barn owls flying around the course in the pre-dawn hours.  Lee noticed one female in a box and another barn owl flew out of a box as he was approaching.  Lee also had a first for Cinnabar Hills and that was the siting of an American Kestrel on top of a kestrel box.  He has heard them out here many times, but they have never taken up residency here.  Maybe this is the year.