Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Tuesday Mistress

Since February 2014, I have had a standing date every other Tuesday evening.  Her name is the Santa Clara Valley Water District.  My GM Ron Zraick and I have been attending the water district board meetings since the drought really took hold.  We also attend the district's water conservation and recycled water ad hoc committee meetings monthly and I attend their landscape committee meetings every first Tuesday of the month.

The second meeting of the month is a real treat as all the big players from the district's water supply and conservation team are there.  The district called for a 30% cut from 2013 usage and they/ we the county, achieved 27%!  (Cinnabar Hills achieved a 31.5% savings)  I recall a board meeting where the board discussed the financial shortfall being greater than what was projected and staff response was that they really only expected 20-25% savings because historically they hadn't gotten close to the target.  Between district messaging and community involvement, the call to action succeeded.  

Yes, it took a drought to start attending board meetings but we are there now and it's something I typically look forward too.   When I consider the  magnitude of responsibility the district has I get a headache, but the Board and District Staff stand tall and meet those challenges daily.

Friday, January 29, 2016

New Cart Path Posts

Six or seven years ago I had the brilliant idea that split rail fence would be a better long term solution to keeping carts on the path for certain holes than rope and stake.  I most likely poached the idea from someone else like all the great ideas I've had, but seven years later I can say that it was a failed idea.  I could handle folks driving through rope and stake because really, what other purpose did it serve.  As soon as we got the split rail up, no sooner were we replacing split rail that people also thought they could drive through.  

Original style; note traffic pattern despite fence
It was most likely the way we installed the split rail which gave folks the thought that they could drive through it so we are now going towards a more permanent installation.  There are areas for folks to walk through every 30-40 ft and it actually looks more attractive.  We've had the seventh hole on the canyon course like this for two weeks and only one person has challenged the strength of the split rail.  That's a win in my book.

Traditional split rail with walker entrance

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Pearly Gates

A couple of weeks back we had new gates installed at the maintenance yard.  The gates we had were perfectly fine, but we moved them to the NW end of the maintenance yard so we could cut out traffic from both ends of the yard and reduce any security vulnerabilities.  From the main entry side of the yard we installed gates with green slats.

They look fantastic and someone made a comment about them being the new pearly gates.  As nice as they may be, if these are the gates that great me on my way to my final resting place, I'm going to be really pissed.  I am expecting automatic entry with gold or silver plated gates and someone welcoming me.  Anything but a yard gate!

Friday, January 15, 2016

What Was Suppose To Be Easy

It started off as just being a 500 sq ft bunker in which we were going to remove the sand, check the drains, and put new sand in.  It's 2 days later and not finished yet.  When we got to the drain, the entire 60ft length was filled with willow tree roots.  Crap.  The willow tree is 75ft away; go figure.  No problem, we'll just trench a new line.  Get the wire tracker so we don't break any pipes though.  We still located the pipe with the Bobcat trencher for double verification because single verification isn't how we roll here.  Double crap.  

The drain is in and the pipe along with cabling is finished.  The trench is almost full and we've got some rain coming just in time.  It'll be ground under repair for awhile. Who wants to play out of a bunker anyways.    

Friday, January 8, 2016

A New Look For A New Year

For those who've never stepped into my office, it was a mess.  I'm the type who looks at a car (or golf cart for that matter) as something that gets me from a to b and I look at my office as a place to put things before I go out to the field.  After 8 years, I've re-arranged the furniture to the way it was, cleaned it up and it now feels much more professional.  Looking at the photos, it looks like there is still a lot of crap, but it's organized crap! My goal this year is to keep it clean even when the season gets hairy.  I'd like to have meetings in my office this year rather than shuffle everyone up to the clubhouse.  We'll see how long it actually lasts and if it does, maybe I can transfer the same effort to my golf cart!  Below are a couple of items I enjoy on my wall.

Commercial Pump annual Christmas card

Engineer's flow sheet