Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cart Path Canaries

For those that are unfamiliar with the story, canaries would go down the mine shafts with the coal miners and the canaries would die at human warning levels of  methane and carbon monoxide thus giving time for the miners to get out (hopefully).  So how does this relate to cart paths?

It's actually one of the thoughts that goes through my mind when deciding on carts on or off the paths.  After so many days on the cart path it gets to the point where 50% of the golfers are going off anyways so we let them off the path knowing it's still too wet.  We know that a group will drive through the wet low areas, but afterwards, future golfers will see the tire tracks and should steer clear.  Not the case this time around as you can see from the pics.  I understand one set of tire tracks.  You just hit the shot of your life and your driving to your ball calculating the distance and splat.  Multiple tracks though gets frustrating for a maintenance department.  We'll fix them because maintaining is part of maintenance, but we'd much rather be enhancing your experience.