Friday, September 23, 2011

Final Tee Update

We kind of finished the last of the golf course tee leveling project this week.  I say kind of because we ran short on sod, but more will be here next week Wednesday when we re-sod the teaching tee.  The picture to the left is of 2 Lake Cinnabar tee which turned out really nice.  The hardest of all of the tees we re-leveled was 7 canyon.  We had to raise the back of the tee close to 8 inches.  It is still a little soft, but with water and rolling, it shall be fine.

During the process, I found two guys on our crew that have an amazing eye for making a tee level.  Both Odilio Landa and Addel Montero did a great job with  9 lake, 2 lake, and 2 canyon Cinnabar tees.  When I went to check 9 lake with the transit, it was sloping front to back and left to right by less than 1.25 inches.  You couldn't do better with the best equipment you could buy.  I joked around with Odilio that he is so good because he is so close to the ground (maybe 5'4").

Projects will now be on a hiatus until we complete the fairway aeration which starts next Tuesday the 27th and concludes on Tuesday the 11th of October.  Unless of course I decide to bite off more than I can chew as usual.