Friday, January 19, 2018

Approach Topdressing

You can play 6 lake right and watch it
kick left to a front middle pin
This year we are beginning a new practice for Cinnabar of topdressing approaches in order to make them firmer and faster.  While many golfers fly their shots in like lawn darts, the course was designed in a way to play with some creativity.  2 canyon is a great example of a hole that you can play short and right with a front pin and watch the ball kick left putting yourself close to the hole.  You'll notice that we aren't doing every approach and that is because not all approaches were designed to be ran in.  Take 4 mountain for example; it's an elevated green that is designed to be flown in.  While we'd like that approach to be firm so when you miss short the ball goes back down to the fairway... Stirke that.

This is a practice that won't have noticeable results for some time as we need to build up a large quantity of sand, but it will appreciated once it is achieved.