Friday, January 11, 2019

Rain is Rain, Right?

Yes and no.  They're are many different types of rain events that lead to different playing conditions on the course.  

Image result for raining cats and dogsIf I had my choice, I'd take an all day soaker like we had this past Sunday.  Over the course of the day we received 2.25" and if it hadn't rained Wednesday, golfers would have been off the path.  With that amount of rain, the soil profile fills to a point of saturation and eventually flushes out the soil profile.  It's similar in affect to the way we irrigate the greens. 

Then we have Wednesday's rain which was light in amount and intensity. It's crudely referred to as a pisser.  We received just .30", but we were arguably more wet from that storm than the storm on Sunday with 2.25".   What happens here is that the upper 2-3" absorbs this and holds on to it creating a wet surface. 

Then there's the gully washer which is described as a short heavy rain.  This rain comes in so fast that it flows off the surface to the drains.  Not good when the soils are needing water, but conducive to better playing conditions faster. 

No matter what type, you're not allowed to complain about it in California!