Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greens Height in Dollars & Sense

Today we took the mowing height of the greens down to 0.100" from 0.110".  Even I have trouble wrapping my head around how low technology allows us to cut so I figured I put it into terms all tax brackets can understand.

If you take five, 100 dollar bills and fold them twice, you will have .100" on the calipers.  If you are in the lower tax bracket, you can stack two dimes on top of each other and get .100" on the calipers.

Pretty amazing if you ask me.  We will remain at this height until sometime in mid September.  If you check the mechanic's notes, every September I get the itch to go lower for no other reason than we can.  The gain in speed is nominal, but I feel our A-4 bentgrass greens are maintained better at these lower heights.