Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hole by Hole

This week at Cinnabar we performed a solid tine aeration on the greens. A solid tine aeration produces a hole that is a hair over an 1/8" diameter by 2.5" deep on 1" centers. With a solid tine aeration, we improve air and gas exchange within the root zone of the greens and also alleviate some compaction. The results are almost like a fertilizer application without the fertilizer!

We also aerate to help cure the fairy ring disease we have on the greens. Fairy ring are the green circles you'll see on many of the greens right now. The disease starts in the thatch layer below the surface of the grass and to cure it, the pesticide must get to the thatch. Providing a gateway to the thatch via the aeration really provides optimum control of fairy ring.

Below are pictures of the results. The picture on the left shows a green the day of and the picture on the right shows the day after. As shown, the disruption is minimal yet the results are tremendous!