Saturday, January 2, 2010

Little Mounds of Dirt

With the recent rains, many have noticed the little mounds of dirt in the fairways. What that is is actually earthworm castings. The reason they come up in the rainy season is because the ground becomes saturated with water eliminating any oxygen that was in the soil. You tend to notice a pattern with the mounds because the worms come out where there is the least amount of resistance. In this case, they come out of old aeration holes.

There are many chemicals on the market that will kill earthworms, but there are no chemicals on the market that are labeled for earthworms. The key word being labeled. Anytime you use a pesticide, the target pest or disease must be on the label or you will be in violation which can carry a hefty fine. The other reason for not spraying them is because I would have to use an insecticide which will also kill off any beneficial insects present.