Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I Am In This Business

I rarely enjoy talking about myself, but when I saw this picture I took on Tuesday, it reminded me of the day I fell in love with this profession.

I was at Cattails Golf Club in South Lyon, MI and I was spraying fertilizer in the fairways for the first of many times in my career. My boss had me put out 46-0-0 and iron. I had just recently turned 18 and I got my spray license on my birthday and hadn't a clue to these two products other than they were fertilizer's. I had started spraying at 3am and had finished by 8am. My boss, Doug Palm, calls me on the radio to come take a look at the first few fairways I sprayed. Low and behold, they had already changed colors in a matter of hours. How cool was that I thought! Unfortunately I hadn't sprayed too accurately and I had stripes everywhere, but nonetheless, the power I had.

Fast foward to Tuesday of this week and you can see we sprayed number 1 mountain on the right with iron and had yet to spray number 1 lake. This was only 3 hours after we sprayed!

You have to realize that all Superintendent's are control freaks in one way or another. The funny thing is though is that we are trying to control Mother Nature most of the time and she can be a real son of a &^%&^!

That was a bit over 12 years ago and to still have the same feeling about this profession tells me I got lucky and found the right career.