Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missing Sand and Seed Boxes

Just kidding; we have actually taken all of them off of the course. While most people who take the time to read this blog may actually fill their divots on the tee, most others don't. You may say that even if only 30% of the divots are filled than that is 30% less work needed. Unfortunately that isn't true because it is the transport time from hole to hole that takes a lot of the time up. Once our guys are on the tee it is pretty easy from there. There is also the benefit of our guys filling the divots properly and increasing the amount of time before a tee becomes crowned. If after some time with out the boxes you have some feeback to provide, we would be glad to hear it. If you still want to fill your tee divot take your sand and seed bottle from the cart and thank you for your continued help.