Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Lake Bunker Renovation

I know, I know; another post about bunkers. The problem is is that the bunker work the guys are doing is amazing. Just look at the pictures below. The first two pictures are of 3 lake fairway bunkers 12 years ago and today.

Below is the way the bunkers look from the tee.

Even more amazing than the fairway bunkers was how the green bunker on 3 lake turned out. If you have had the fortune of being in it lately, you'll know the green edge of the bunker had completely deteriorated. The reason for its deterioration was because the edge was essentially vertical which makes it difficult to keep the grass hydrated.To soften the edge and make it more manageable we had to make the bunker smaller and bring the green edge in a couple of feet. The material we used for this is bender board which is what a lot of homeowners use for the edges of their gardens. It is flexible and with enough stakes, it is very strong.

With the bender board in place, we then filled it with soil to form the new bunker edge. Yes that is Scott Hoyt out on the golf course if you need proof!

With the new, softer edge we will have better odds of keeping the grass alive than trying to grow grass vertically. Enjoy the finished product.