Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Greens are Mowed at Cinnabar

This past Monday we took the height of the greens cut from .105" to .090". While that is only 15 thousandths of an inch, speeds have picked up slightly and the greens look really tight. While I have talked about greens height before, I've never explained the machines that make it all possible.

Monday through Thursday we cut greens with a walking greens mower called the Toro Flex 21 which is pictured to the right. On the weekends when we are 1/2 crew, we use a riding triplex machine called the GreensMaster 3250 (above). Both units have a floating cutting unit which enables us to go over the many mounds Cinnabar is notorious for without scalping them.

Aside from the floating heads, each cutting unit utilizes 14 blades to cut the grass (pictured left). Traditionally, or at least in the last couple of decades, technology only allowed us 11 blades per cutting unit. The quality of cut is analogical to more blades on your home razor blade; A cleaner, smoother cut with less irritation.

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention that it takes a great mechanic to maintain these high precision machines and Cinnabar Hills has one of the best in Rodolfo Hernandez.