Friday, September 17, 2010

Crumb Rubber

If you have walked around the backside of the clubhouse and practiced your putting on the bar putter than you have seen the crumb rubber that we have put out. Crumb rubber is one of the answers to solve the world's problem of what to do with old tires and possibly our answer to solving some traffic issues we have.

Annually the country generates close to 300 million tires per year and approximately 30 million come from California. Stockpiling of these tires has become a major issue particularly when they catch fire and send out toxic fumes. Shredding the tires into crumb rubber has become a great way to recycle the tires. 10-15% of the tires generated in the United States are currently being shredded for crumb rubber.

Crumb rubber has multiple uses and can be commonly seen on running tracks, playgrounds, horse tracks, and golf courses. For our use, it provides a cushion against heavy traffic areas. When you walk over an area of grass repeatedly, the crown of the plant (area of plant directly above soil) takes a beating and the grass eventually dies. When the crumb rubber is put down, all the force applied from your foot goes to the rubber, thus protecting the plant.

Another way we can use it is by mixing it in to our soil before planting sod or seed. This serves the purpose of helping with heavy traffic, but also increases porosity in the soil which allows for better air and water movement.