Friday, January 14, 2011

Coyote Brush

Does this picture look familiar? If you have been to the golf course lately, it should. This is another cart of coyote brush we are removing from the golf course.

Coyote brush is a woody plant that spreads like wildfire throughout the course. We are starting to clean it up now because I feel it provides a much cleaner look. Overtime, coyote brush tends to blow up from the inside and just looks messy.

One of our teaching pros, Justin Lippold, asked me why we are doing it and mentioned to me that some areas don't look good because it makes the course look younger. He is absolutely right. There are a couple of areas that we cleared out that didn't end up looking good at all. Particularly the left side of 1 lake and the left side of 3 lake tee complex. Everything we try to do on the golf course is with vision towards the future. Sometimes you see something that you think will look great removed, but once removed it doesn't work. Those are chances you take and luckily I have a management group that believes in me and allows me to take chances. The particular areas I mentioned will have coyote bushes back in a matter of no time.

I posted it a while ago, but when we cleared out 1 lake green and 2 lake green, I saw for the first time what the architects and owners envisioned. That is the real answer to Justin's question as to why we do it. Since then I continually try to bring back the allure that brought our owners here in the first place.