Friday, June 3, 2011

First Bunker Project of the Year!

Last week we got to do our first bunker project of the year and after almost 6 months of no projects, it was really fun. Monday of last week we removed the sod and sand of the chipping green bunker while I was away at a conference at La Rinconada Golf Club. When I saw the bunker Tuesday morning at 5:30 and I decided to make it a much bigger project by doubling the size of the bunker. It was spur of the moment and as soon as I dug in with the backhoe I was wondering what the hell I had started. 2 hours into digging though, things started to take shape and I was feeling confident that the results were going to be great. As the picture shows, the results are amazing. The guys did a great job with the bunker and we can now have two people practicing bunker shots at once. Maybe now with more people practicing I won't have to field complaints about the bunkers because you will all be experts!