Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sand Fairy

The sand fairy has been visiting Cinnabar every other week for the last 6 weeks on Sunday nights. With our seemingly never ending spray schedule, I have found that Sunday nights work out best for now. I come in around 7 pm and finish up by 10:30 at night. As soon as I am done, I put down a heavy amount of water to work it in. Doing this at night provides a pretty good product to you the customer and allows us to continue on with our spray schedule. It also allows me to get sand out every two weeks which is essential since we are not aerating in the spring.

I have changed the sand to a smaller particle sand, but not smaller than what our green's root zone is made of. The rule on topdressing is that you always apply coarse or equal over fine and never the opposite. If you do fine over coarse, you will plug up your rootzone and have a lot of other problems. A lot of people got in trouble with this when some of the newer bentgrasses came out in the 90's. The newer bentgrasses are so tight that it is very hard to get the topdressing sand worked in. Their solution was to use a fine sand and a lot of these courses have to aerate more now because they plugged up their rootzone.

Since we are seemingly putting out more sand than in previous years, please spot me on the course and ask any questions you may have. Thanks