Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aeration: Day 1 in Review

Day 1 is in the books and overall it was successful.  We got done in good time and the end product was almost exactly what I wanted.  I say almost because we only got about 75 - 80 % of the holes filled.  When we punch close to 500,000 holes per green, I don't think 75 - 80 % is too bad.  While filling all the holes is nice, it is not the main objective of this aeration.

What I did different this time was leave more sand on the surface.  In years past we would fill the holes and have a really clean surface.  While I filled the void of thatch with sand in the hole, I didn't do anything to manage the remaining thatch.  With the extra sand on the surface and a lot of water, that sand will work in to our existing thatch layer and dilute it.  The extra sand on the surface also makes for a smoother roll.  Like I have said many times; you have to determine what you want to accomplish when aerating.

I am off to start blowing the sand around on the Mountain course today.