Saturday, September 17, 2011


I don't think I will be getting any grief from our newest members at Cinnabar Hills.  I am talking about the 5 new barn owls that we will be introducing to the
wild this coming weekend.  With help from our bird expert Lee Pauser, our site was selected to release 5 rescued barn owls.  The barn owls come to us from Ms. Valerie Baldwin who is a part of the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.  The young barn owls were discovered in bails of hay and were trained to capture live prey in a flight cage at Ms. Baldwin's home.  Now that they are ready for the wild, 4 of the owls were placed in the barn owl boxes that we have. This process of introduction is called hacking.  The owls will stay inside the boxes for a couple of days being fed mice and gophers.  When deemed ready, we will open the doors and they will be free to come and go.  The owls have been banded by Mr. Steve Simmons (you can see the video here) so it is possible to track their whereabouts.