Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making Mistakes

I was hoping to write today about how we received 9,000 square feet of sod and how we completed the tees, but unfortunately that is not going to happen.  The truck that showed up had 9,000 square feet of bermuda grass on it, but I had ordered blue/ rye.  To top that off, I had an irrigation pipe break last night that was supposedly fixed yesterday.  It is only 0730 so I believe this qualifies as a bad start to the day.  Thinking positively, it can only get better from here; I hope!

As far as the sod goes, I am not going to lament over the mistake.  All I want to do is figure out how we are going to solve the problem.  I have been working with this company for ten years and I know they will make it right.  I wouldn't hesitate from buying from them again.  They are a great company with a good team.

While the irrigation problem wasn't good, I can bet that it will never happen again.  The picture shows the broken slip fix that was freshly glued yesterday.  As great as slip fixes are, they can be troublesome in high pressure situations.  What we have talked about to prevent this in the future is to put the sliding part of the slip fix on the low pressure side of things and more importantly, put a thrust block behind the T where all the pressure is.  A thrust block can be a bag of concrete or a piece of wood jammed in to hold it in place.  The guys should be done getting it fixed by now and they have now learned a valuable lesson.

While mistakes can be costly upfront, there are a lot of positives that can come from them.   After all, success isn't possible without making a few mistakes along the way.