Saturday, March 3, 2012

Course Improvement - MP Rotator

Yesterday we put the finishing touches on the sprinkler addition to the strip of grass between the large practice green and cart path.  For whatever reason 13 years ago, they didn't do it (probably the same reason internet wasn't put in maintenance :-)) and many man hours have been burnt up there along with the grass.  Having the trencher for the Bobcat A300 is what allowed to get this project done quickly.  I know if said it before, but the Bobcat has been the best purchase Cinnabar ever made.  

We used an electric pressure reducing valve with 1" pipe along with MP Rotator nozzles.  These are low precipitation nozzles that are meant to soak and prevent runoff.  The flow from these nozzles is .38 gpm at 40 psi compared to our normal small landscape sprinklers which are 4.0 gpm at 40 psi.  We will have to run these nozzles for a longer period, but they are more effective in the long run.  The crew that installed them wasn't prepared for the low flow and they all that I spec'd the job wrong.  Even though everything is correct, the low flow isn't that dramatic when first turned on.