Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Miracle Maker

1st generation
We jokingly call our little red sprinklers our miracle workers because they work wonders on the golf course. With over 2,700 sprinklers on the course, you may wonder the need for such sprinklers, but they make all the difference in the world. 

It needs to be understood that no irrigation system is perfect.  We have an extremely good system, but there are multiple areas on the course that aren't spaced correctly or where the soil has a hard time taking water.  With these little "miracle" workers, we can set the sprinklers out for the entire day, shooting a finer mist than our larger irrigation sprinklers.  That water is put out so lightly that it doesn't run off and after a day or so of running we have complete saturation.  The results are green grass for two weeks before we have to put them back.  
2nd generation

I had a hard time finding our particular sprinkler since it is unmarked, but I finally came across something on Amazon (I think I saw my children for sale there too; they have everything).  The base is the same and the nozzle is actually better.  The link is here if you want some of your own miracles.