Friday, January 17, 2014

8 Lake Water Savings

With no rain in sight, we have begun to re-build the bunker behind the 8th green.  This project has been on the list for the last three years, but was always the project that would get postponed.  With water savings at a premium too, I felt this would be an opportune time to get this project done. 

The original goal of the project was to expand the bunker to the right so golfers who overshot the green would have their ball stop in the bunker vs. the creek.  That will certainly be accomplished, but we are also removing 2,000 square feet of irrigated turf.  With the removal of the turf and some other irrigation changes, we removed 4 part circle sprinklers at 22.0 gpm and replaced them with 30 MP Rotators at 0.4 gpm.  Of the 4 part circle sprinklers we replaced, I'd guesstimate that 75% of the water went directly into the creek. 

We will slowly check off the details early next week and have sod ready for Wednesday afternoon.