Friday, March 21, 2014

Ant Hills

The past few weeks we have begun to raise fairway and rough sprinklers that were more than a half an inch below the surface.  One golfer who passed by referred to all of the mounds of dirt on the first hole of the Canyon as ant  hills and I got a nice chuckle out of it.

In just one day, 6 of our staff members raised 30 heads.  Unfortunately that was on the first hole only.  What the guys have to do is first dig up the sprinkler down to the swing joint which is typically 2 ft deep.  Once the sprinkler is dug up, we remove the soil and backfill with sand while holding the sprinkler level.  In this case, we are using the old sand from the driving range tee project.  We do this because the sand is much easier to dig up if we ever have a problem with that sprinkler down the road.

All of this effort is to ensure that the water we apply is going where it needs to go.  When the heads are low, the bottom spray hits the soil around the sprinkler creating a wet spot at the sprinkler and a dry spot where that water was supposed to go.  Every drop counts more than ever.