Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Energy Efficient Shop Lights

About two months back, a representative of Silicon Valley Energy Watch approached us with energy saving opportunities that included the shop lights.  We previously had the large 250W metal halide fixtures as shown.  They took approximately 3 minutes to come up to full strength, but the lighting was good... Or so I thought.

Silicon Valley Energy Watch assured me that the high bay 175w T8 shop lights replacement fixtures were going to be as good or better than the traditional metal halide lights.  They didn't look like much before they were juiced, but I was surprised by just how bright they are.  They also come up instantly which is a nice benefit.

The real benefit though is the energy savings which equals cost savings.  It is estimated based on our usage that these lights will save us $500 per year.  Not bad for lights that are only on for 4 hours per day.