Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Tuesday Mistress

Since February 2014, I have had a standing date every other Tuesday evening.  Her name is the Santa Clara Valley Water District.  My GM Ron Zraick and I have been attending the water district board meetings since the drought really took hold.  We also attend the district's water conservation and recycled water ad hoc committee meetings monthly and I attend their landscape committee meetings every first Tuesday of the month.

The second meeting of the month is a real treat as all the big players from the district's water supply and conservation team are there.  The district called for a 30% cut from 2013 usage and they/ we the county, achieved 27%!  (Cinnabar Hills achieved a 31.5% savings)  I recall a board meeting where the board discussed the financial shortfall being greater than what was projected and staff response was that they really only expected 20-25% savings because historically they hadn't gotten close to the target.  Between district messaging and community involvement, the call to action succeeded.  

Yes, it took a drought to start attending board meetings but we are there now and it's something I typically look forward too.   When I consider the  magnitude of responsibility the district has I get a headache, but the Board and District Staff stand tall and meet those challenges daily.