Friday, January 29, 2016

New Cart Path Posts

Six or seven years ago I had the brilliant idea that split rail fence would be a better long term solution to keeping carts on the path for certain holes than rope and stake.  I most likely poached the idea from someone else like all the great ideas I've had, but seven years later I can say that it was a failed idea.  I could handle folks driving through rope and stake because really, what other purpose did it serve.  As soon as we got the split rail up, no sooner were we replacing split rail that people also thought they could drive through.  

Original style; note traffic pattern despite fence
It was most likely the way we installed the split rail which gave folks the thought that they could drive through it so we are now going towards a more permanent installation.  There are areas for folks to walk through every 30-40 ft and it actually looks more attractive.  We've had the seventh hole on the canyon course like this for two weeks and only one person has challenged the strength of the split rail.  That's a win in my book.

Traditional split rail with walker entrance