Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fairway Aeration Equipment Demo

On the final day of fairway aeration, we got to demo a new fairway aerator that 'punched' our pull behind aerator away.  We demo'd Toro's ProCore 864 (pictured left) and I was really impressed with how quiet it was considering its violent nature.

The reason I am not looking at replacing our pull behind with another pull behind is because I can get more thatch and soil out with the Toro Aerator.  Getting more thatch and soil out means better water penetration for both drainage purposes and irrigation efficiency which lead to the ultimate goal of firmer playing conditions.  Because it creates 3 times as many holes as the pull behind, the seed we use to over-seed with and the sand we topdress with can find a nice home in an aeration hole (see photos below).  We also will have more holes for the gypsum we put out next week to get in the soil which is the ultimate goal with gypsum.

Pull behind that was done two times.
Toro Procore 864 one time.