Tuesday, October 11, 2011


From what I can gather, the 2011 Fry's.com was a success.  I know for a fact that superintendent Tom Gray and the staff at CordeValle accomplished a lot of their goals they set for themselves following the 2010 Fry's.com.  The course was in great shape and despite the rain, the course played very firm.

My job this year was changing the cups again, but this time I got to do the tournament back nine with Assistant Superintendent Ken Converse.  I must say that I got a little jittery when I was first told that I would be doing the back nine, but as soon as I plunged my first cup, it was back to normal.  I joked around with Tom asking him if I would have more roots to deal with than last year.  His reply was probably the best advice I can remember receiving in the business.  He said, "Brian, they don't putt on roots".  When it comes to tournaments, it isn't necessarily about how healthy your course is, but rather how it looks and plays.  Certianly health comes into that, but managing the surface is what you have to do.

While I learned more than I will write about now, one of the greatest things I have learned each year from this event is crew management and planning.  Tom has 40 men on staff and had another 15-20 volunteers.  He has countless numbers of PGA officials talking with him, special tournament commitments, and a girlfriend to escort around the course, but he finds time to communicate with everyone.  While I am sure the stress level is high, you wouldn't know it being on the grounds. It really is marvel to witness and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it.