Monday, October 24, 2011

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

 You may recall that last year I was touting the benefits that I thought Crumb Rubber would provide for our golf course.  Looking at the picture on the left you will notice that I was wrong.  The grass has passed on leaving behind the crumb rubber.  Maybe we have too much traffic or maybe we didn't do it the right way, but either way, we will not be continuing that program.

Keeping with the theme of reduce, re-use and recycle, we will be disposing of the grass clippings from greens onto our traffic areas.  Tim Powers, Superintendent at Crystal Springs Golf Course for almost 10 years now, has touted the benefits of this program every time we discuss how to deal with traffic.  He tells me that his traffic areas now have some organic matter that will hold water and tolerate traffic better.  He has also explained to me that he gets a little nitrogen return from the nitrogen that is left behind in the leaf blade.   

While the results will take a while like that of a good gypsum program, it's free and it isn't going to hurt anything in the meantime.  If there are any ruling questions on how to play it, please consult the USGA rule book or any one of our fine golf shop staff.