Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Great Debate: Bunker Rakes In or Out?

Since the beginning of golf, there has always been a wonderful debate about where a bunker rake should be placed. Those that want the rake in the bunker use the argument that a ball that hits a rake and goes in the bunker is unfair. Those with the opposing view point argue that it is possible to be stuck with an unfair lie.

While we will never settle the debate globally, employees at Cinnabar are instructed to place bunker rakes in the flats of the bunkers. Where the bunker rake goes from there is up to the golfer. This does provide a couple of advantages for us. One, the golfer is more likely to see it and use it (not always though), and two, it allows us to mow the bunker surround without having to get off the machine and move rakes.

If your ball does land in the bunker and is rested against a rake, follow USGA rules if your ball moves from its original spot.

Thanks to a previous commenter, Dave, for providing a great blog subject! Didn't necessarily provide the answer you were looking for, but we've certianly kept the Great Debate alive.